Bold Structure, Vibrant Interior

The Gansevoort Hotel contains ‘249 luxury rooms and suites’. Its perfect positioning in the city centre is great for getting to the airport or dinning in one of the many restaurants around Park Avenue.


The bold structure of the hotel is matched by only the vibrant interior and the rooftop pool overlooking Park Avenue and the Empire State building. The Gansevoort Hotel upholds great standards of cleanliness and hygiene; off-peak it provides a great spot to rest and enjoy all it has to offer.


On the other hand, when caught arriving at peak it can be difficult to check-in at reception due to the amount of walk-ins for the pool, bar and club/lounge rooms on the upper-floors.


Subject to what mood they’re in and how much they think you’re likely to tip, will depend on whether you will experience good, pleasant customer service from some members of staff. With many reported cases of the staff being extremely rude and even charging varying tariffs on entry to  the nightclub and pool.




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